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Bosworth Place was a development proposal that encompassed the air rights over the Tremont Temple on Tremont Street, Dinis restaurant, the site of the Province Street garage, and a joint venture with the Parker House Hotel. The scale of this assembled site enabled a development of considerable mixed use, with the renovation and upgrading of the Tremont Temple, the modernization and expansion of the Parker House, new retail, offices, and residential, all with appropriate parking facilities.

The complex was divided into two elements: a low-rise base, which in material and scale would reflect the existing character of the street architecture in the area, and a mid-rise tower, set back from the street.

The articulation of the high-rise section was a response to the site conditions and the program mix. The site conditions suggested two very different structural solutions: the part of the tower over the temple had to have a wide span truss that spanned the temple, while the other part of the tower could be structured in a more conventional manner.

This was one of the reasons that led to it being expressed as two vertical sections, and this formal solution was also reinforced by the desire to clearly articulate the different needs—of office, residential, and hotel, and the expression of their circulation and their means of access from the different parts of the site.

RIGHT—REFERENCE MODEL of Bosworth Place showing the residential office tower integrated into the Tremont Temple, Dini's restaurant, and the Parker House Hotel.