Gerasa plan
Gerasa (originally called Jerash) was founded during the Hellenistic period and is located approximately 48 km north of Amman, Jordan. In 90 CE, Gerasa became part of the Roman province of Arabia, and a period of great prosperity and growth began. In the late 1st and 2nd centuries CE, the urban landscape of the city was transformed through the construction of colonnaded streets and monumental architecture such as temples, theaters, and open public spaces.
Yale mosaic
Right: The mosaic panels that are housed in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin—including the mosaic borders. Extensive reconstructions have been done on the panels themselves due to the excavated state of them being considerably fragmented.
Below right: The panels that are owned by the Yale University Museum. Other panels are in private collections and other museums.

Berlin layout
Stanton-Abbott Associates
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