Stanton-Abbott Associates



As an architectural design and development firm our focus is on creating an exceptional built project, which has meant over the years a search for the most effective way to study the form, lighting, and materiality of the building. This led to the use of sophisticated 3D software to investigate fully the look and feel of the building project. This way of working also translates into a highly effective way of communicating the project to clients.

Our working method also gives us the skills to work with architects and developers in a closely coordinated way to not only show a final product but also to develop the building in detail throughout the design stage.

The modeling software used is FormZ a sophisticated and powerful solid and surface modeler.

Maxwell Render is the rendering engine we use which is based on the mathematical equations governing light transport, meaning that all elements, such as light emitters, materials and cameras, are derived from physically accurate models. Maxwell Render is unbiased, so no tricks are used to calculate the lighting solution in every pixel of a scene; the result will always be a correct solution, as it would be in the real world.




We are affordable and flexible in our pricing. Prices for 3D architectural renderings and panoramas are gauged on an individual project basis and are dependent on the complexity, amount of custom modeling, style, quantity of architectural renderings, and total project length.